Water Damage Restoration

Kansas City Water Damage Restoration

From major storms to plumbing leaks, water damage to your business or home can occur unexpectedly at any time. Further, it’s important to remember that the full extent of home water damage can be hidden from plain sight as water spreads throughout walls, flooring, and furniture. To prevent unwanted secondary damage from occurring, partner with the team at DCR immediately, and rest assured that we'll act with urgency and care in restoring your property to its original condition via our water damage restoration service.

Did You Know?

98% of basements in the United States will experience some type of water damage during their lifespan.

Tips for Proper Water Damage Treatment

To reduce the likelihood of permanent water damage, and to reduce the cost of your water damage restoration job, it’s critical that you take prompt action in addressing your situation correctly. While every situation is unique, the following lists are a great place to start:


  • Call us immediately!
  • Wipe water from wood surfaces
  • Place plastic or aluminum foil under furniture legs
  • Move paintings and other objects to a dry place
  • Open drawers, doors, and cabinets for complete drying
  • In summer, turn on air conditioning for maximum drying
  • In winter, heat area to 74-76 degrees and operate humidifier fans
  • Prop up or remove wet furniture cushions
  • Remove as much excess water as possible with wet vacuuming, mopping, or blotting


  • Leave wet fabrics in place
  • Attempt to use any electrical equipment while standing on wet carpet or concrete floors
  • Do not leave any colored items on carpeting
  • Turn on walls or ceiling fixtures (lights or fans) as the wiring may be damaged
  • Use ordinary vacuum to remove water
  • Wait to call for professional help - bacteria and mold growth can begin within hours (even more so in warm weather)