Wind Damage Restoration

Storm & Wind Damage Restoration in Kansas City

The greater Kansas City area is no stranger to attacks from mother nature, with severe storms, hail, high winds, lightning, and tornadoes occurring regularly. Unfortunately, repairing the damage caused by these ever-present threats can become complicated due to the high risk of secondary damage. If your home or business has been devastated by wind or storm damage, call our Kansas City damage restoration team of construction professionals to get your property back to normal, as safely and quickly as possible with the help of our wind damage restoration service.

Did You Know?

In 2018, insured losses from tornadoes and other storms in the United States totaled $14.1 billion.

Tips for Proper Wind & Storm Damage Treatment

If your property has suffered significant damage from a storm, it’s critical that you prioritize the safety of your loved ones and/or employees over all else. We strongly recommend that you contact a professional before attempting any damage cleanup yourselves, and if you do, keep these tips in mind before entering the premises:


  • Call us immediately!
  • Consult a professional damage restoration team for proper temporary emergency repairs, such as tree removal, board up, tarp and patching when you sustain wind damage to your roof, gutters, siding, etc.


  • Enter the building where there is heavy roof damage
  • Attempt to remove large objects, tree trunks or branches yourself
  • Attempt to brace your structure or any object that has fallen on it
  • Go near windows and glass, especially if they’re NOT broken, but could be under stress